• Devin Manuel

How to Stay Afloat During a Crisis

As the COVID-19 epidemic shakes entire countries to their core, with the S&P and DOW falling, massive stock dumps...many companies are struggling to solve their sales deficit.

No one wants others to believe they are unsympathetic toward the epidemic, but the truth of the matter is: hundreds of thousands of people depend on the sales they make to feed their families.

In the B2B space, this becomes increasingly difficult as many companies want to save their assets, not invest in anything rash, and hold onto their cash, just in case their market comes to a screeching halt.

B2B salespeople have an intriguing problem to solve: How do you sell to a company on lock down?

Understand this: they are struggling with the same problem you are. They need to sell their products/services, and they don't know what they are going to accomplish their revenue targets in the midst of a crisis.

As a B2B company, you need to cut through the noise.

Recognize that confusion has occurred. There is a lot of hectic, random motion circulating around the companies you are trying to sell.

This is your opportunity to strike.

While other B2B salespeople are changing jobs, pulling in the reigns and rethinking their sales strategies - you need to be hammering out communication to your prospects five, ten, a hundred times more than you usually are.

Assure your prospects of this: your solution will solve their problem, no matter the epidemic.

Multiply your out-going communication to the nth degree and get their attention away from their confusions and randomity. You want them to think, amongst all the confusion, "this person reaches out to me ten times a day, what do they want?!" That's a good sign. You are becoming a stable point for them to put their attention on.

Test this method and let us know your results.

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