• Devin Manuel

How to Polish a Rock

Patience and skill are all it takes to polish the common stone.

But the more advanced, jagged-edged stones require something more.

In sales, not every prospect will be an easy close. Many come with jagged edges that need to be smoothed. But in sales, you don't take sandpaper and cloth to polish your prospects, it takes something much smoother. Care and persistence.

Prospects can smell a bad sales conversation from a mile away. It starts with the poorly crafted email/text/direct message, then continues with the poorly made demo or discovery call where the prospect barely gets a word in, the salesperson is fully scripted, and the beauty of sales is lost.

The above is basically taking a pickax to the jagged rock, trying to chip away the prospect's concerns rather than a smooth polish.

Care and persistence. How do these two things help to smoothly handle the prospect's concerns?

Example: A carefully crafted outreach communication (email/text/direct message/letter) that illustrates your understanding of a common problem the prospect's industry has, not assuming that the prospect has the same problem but just in case - then presenting your solution and how you are interested in helping them.

If the prospect doesn't respond, follow-up with another communication that is simply following-up, ensuring the communication reached them, and reiterating what you are trying to help them solve.

A lot of people who respond to our outreach stating, "I love the persistence" or "thank you for keeping in touch with me, let's talk" or "We need this, let's schedule call". It really boils down to those two factors, care and persistence.

When it gets to the call phase, and you are on the phone with them, you can scrap everything you've ever learned in sales and simply listen, pay attention, care about the prospect and persist on the point that your solution will inevitably help solve their problem. You would still get a sale in the end.

Obviously if you have sales techniques that work, use them, but with enough care and persistence, you can still achieve the sale.

The follow-up process after the call, if the sale didn't happen in the beginning, still requires that you echo care and persistence throughout.

Continuing to call them, text them, email them, etc. with those two factors still present, will put you at the top of the line in front of other companies attempting to sell them the same thing or similar services.

Eventually, a sale will occur.

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Also, check out the video below:

- Devin Manuel, VP Marketing | Richter

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