How to muscle through an economic hailstorm

In March 2008, I started my agency.

I can tell you it was the toughest thing I had to muscle through at the time. No question.

I had a one-year-old son and zero working capital to start the company.

Right before I started the company, I was doing real estate with a guy who was less than ethical and essentially, I was out a significant sum. Ok, moving on.

The idea hit me for my current company. I started to write that down and build it.

I took the last $3000 to my name and locked in an office lease. I negotiated 3 months free because I knew I’d need it.

From there we got busy. Very busy. We set up the LLC, bank accounts, credit card processor and so forth.

We created a simple two-page site to pitch what we did, and we walked across the street to record a short video pitch (which was terrible). From there we wrote a basic intro email pitch and created a simple contract. Our initial rate was so cheap, but we needed to get going so we undersold.