• Devin Manuel

How to Catch a Fly with Chopsticks

As a fan of cinema myself I've watched thousands of films, ranging from terrible to mind-blowing. When I first heard of this concept of catching a fly with chopsticks, I was much younger - watching the first iteration of the Karate Kid.

My interpretation of it was "how to do the impossible" which is all about mindset. "Impossible" is commonly used when someone believes something can't be done, rather than it practically being impossible for scientific reasons.

Throwing around this word "impossible" is akin to building more and more walls around your ability to succeed at anything.

In sales, this concept of catching a fly with chopsticks is similar to how the novice salesperson sees himself landing a huge client. They believe they can't do it at the outset.

How do you catch a fly with chopsticks in sales? Change the mindset.

In order to change someones mindset on their own abilities, it requires training, practice and repetition.

A training program with only a few guidelines, a script, and talking points makes a salesperson into a lazy robot who spits off lines of a page, verbatim, hoping the person just buys without having any considerations.

Teach the salesperson about the product, why it works, how it works, teach them about the prospects, why they need it, what their problems are, how to get them over their problems so they can buy the product, etc.

Codify a fully fleshed out training program and convert it into an engaging and repeatable format, videos, that makes the training easier, smoother, and scalable.

Imagine printing 1000 written training packs and sending it to your sales people, now imagine sending a link to a series of videos. Which one is faster, which one is easily scaled? The second one.

Taking the time and effort to really train your sales teams shifts them from novices to fly-catching chopstick masters in record times.

At Richter, we gather the training materials of clients and create an LMS (Learning Management System) with videos, guides, and more. This creates rave results, for instance with AT&T.

Although you might not know if your salespeople are thinking it's "impossible" to meet the sales targets, take the right steps to ensure that never happens.

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- Devin Manuel, VP Marketing