Happy New Year!

Welcome back and happy new year!

Here’s a few updates for 2020:

  • Last year we launched our sister agency, Richter Productions or RP which exclusively handles live production video projects and editing. We’re building the team and had a flurry of new projects come in at the end of the year. Here’s our site >>> www.richter-productions.com — we would love to help with a testimonials, case study, day in the life etc. Here’s a recent project we completed for Support.com

  • Training content really picked up. We created award winning training video content for companies like Wyndham At&t, KnowBe4 and U.S Cellular. Here’s one >>> KnowBe4 Kids 

  • We signed on many more enterprise clients which is our end to end strategy to help support our client through the entire sales journey. It’s a year commitment that gives our client a dedicated team, agency best rates and whatever they need when they need it as if we were an extended part of their team. Learn more here

  • I recently was a guest on the Create Your Own Life podcast which I thought I would share as well here

  • Last year I had an audiobook version of my book created and added to Audible which you can grab a copy here

Lastly — we just put together a special package for January 2020.[see below] We’ve seen a big demand for 1-minute videos so we packaged together six 1-minute videos which saves you $5100 overall.

We’re here to help. We are very determined to help our clients use communication and aesthetics to move people. Ultimately our mission is to help drive revenue for our clients with communication. We’re here to help you crush 2020.

Have a good one! Happy New Year! 

— Robert