Get Caught Speeding

I think it goes without saying that when it comes to business, speed is king. You can provide the most amazing products or services in the world, but if it takes you forever to get them to your target clientele…well, those clients will probably end up going elsewhere.

At Richter Productions, we value speed equally as much as we do quality. In the corporate videography world, two, four, and even six-week turnarounds are the norm when shooting and delivering a piece to a client.

Those timelines don’t work for us. Our clients need sales and marketing content now. They probably needed it yesterday. Making them wait two weeks to a month for content could have a tangibly negative effect on their business.

That’s why we’ve outfitted our operation to be able to deliver effective content fast, at a high level of quality. Our writers, our videographers, our editors…all of them are extremely competent, which makes it possible for us to do what we do.

We can produce a script with minimal need for revisions in 24 hours. What would typically be a two-day shoot, we can shoot in a day. And we can turn around an edit for review in under a week. All without sacrificing quality.

Take the client video below, for example…it features drone shots, multiple interviews, a significant amount of b-roll…and we captured it all in a day.

It sounds like I’m bragging. I am. I’m incredibly proud of our team and what they’ve been able to accomplish for clients who need content right away. And I’m looking forward to all of the stellar products we’ll create in the future.

Let’s get to it.