Burn the ships

Last week and continued into this week, in the business world, there’s a lot of noise and commotion around the government PPP program for small and medium businesses.

Some of my own teammates forwarded me emails to inform me about it.

I coordinated with my team to update them on my view and what we need to prioritize and execute right now.

Here’s the outline of my viewpoint that I shared with them and thought I’d share with you:

“My view is to "burn the ships" and assume we won't get any help or support and simply focus on outworking the situation by hammering marketing, outflow, and sales as hard as possible.

That's our "mission one" -- a singular focus on getting sales done and closed.

I think we’re better off to not think or hope for 1) when this will be over and 2) how the government will help us and simply shift 1000% of our focus, energy and work on hammering sales, outworking the situation and continuing to deliver stellar products so we can weather the storm and come out in good shape.

Every single problem can be outworked and when I hear about a problem or negative news, I convert it in my mind to "do more" -- that's how I interpret it. Just do more.

I’ve seen a lot of people with the attitude of "I hope this is over soon...." and "hoping the government will come through or rescue... " and my view is -- I'd rather act like it won't be over soon and that we won't get any government help so we need to find a way to survive and win regardless.

The faster we assume that viewpoint that "no one is coming for us.." the better we will be. That leaves us with one plan - fight like hell and win despite the storm.

That's my view.

So our mission right now is to outwork the situation. Make way more calls. Way more emails out. Way more proposals out. Simply outwork the environment.

I can tell you one thing — we aren’t going to whine and shy from the circumstance. We’re going to rise to the occasion and make sure our mission — safeguarding Richter — is attained.

But it requires a day by day approach and week by week. We need to win each day and win each week, one day and one week at a time.

Realistically, this may take 12 weeks to muscle through. Maybe more.

But my viewpoint isn’t — “ok let’s wait it out ...” or hoping that the government will save us. Neither of those are causative plays. We're going to win regardless of when this passes over and regardless of whether we get any assistant from the government. 

If everyone keeps doing their role and working to help promote and sell while doing it — we will get through this.

So let’s grind it out. We can do this.

Keep asking yourself – “what else can I do?” “How can I do more?” This is what’s needed.

Right now it’s all about one to one personal outreach. Having a personal touch to reach out to people. That’s what we’re doing.

It’s about “how can we help?”

It’s about doing more. Pushing our effort and finding ways we can do more with the time we have.

We need to outwork every single barrier or obstacle. There is a way and we will find it.

We can do this and we are doing this.”

The above was my note to my team. It’s a redundant message that I continue to push.

Perhaps this message resonates with you as well. If so, great!

“There's no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A.” - Will Smith

I wish you and your team well. We all need to find ways to innovate and push through.

— Robert

About Robert Cornish: Robert Cornish founded Richter in early 2008 to build an agency focused on communication strategies that support sales growth for business to business technology-related companies. Bootstrapped with zero capital in the middle of the financial meltdown, Richter went on to make the Inc 5000 list comprised of the fastest-growing companies in America five times. Richter made the Silicon Valley Fast 50 four times and the Entrepreneur360 award two times. Robert has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, Selling Power Magazine, Inc Magazine and IDEA magazine. He's been a guest speaker for ACG Los Angeles, IASA Summit, West Point and been interviewed for 33Voices, EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast and IDEA Magazine by Northwood University. In 2012 Wiley & Sons published his book, What Works, about the lessons he's learned while growing his agency from start-up navigating his way to a multi-million dollar agency. Robert currently owns four companies.

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