• Devin Manuel

B2B Sales Systems that Scale

Here is a common scenario in B2B sales:

Company A is trying to sell something to Company B but Company B is either:

a) Not interested

b) Doesn't have a need

c) Doesn't understand the product

This is a normal occurrence in B2B sales.

To solve (a) and (b) above, you need to spark interest and create a need for your product.

How? By solving (c).

If the field doesn't understand the product, they won't have any interest and they won't feel like they have a need for something they don't understand.

Individuals in general tend to reject things that they don't understand.

Here is a simple 3 step solution to solve (a) (b) and (c).

1) Change all of your sales messaging and focus it entirely on the benefits of using your product or service. Focus wholly on what they will get out of using it and how it will benefit them. Focus on showing your prospects that it is the solution to their problem.

2) Put your new messaging into the most receptive format: videos. And alter your message on landing pages, sites, etc. to fit your new benefit-based approach.

3) Circulate your new sales messaging and media to your entire field and the prospects that are most likely to buy. You can do this by doing basic brand awareness advertising targeting specific individuals in the field you are trying to sell.

The three steps above solve (a) (b) and (c). The only thing left to do is usher your prospects into the sales cycle.

We use our Strategic Relations program to get the right prospects warmed up and turned over to our clients' sales teams.

Essentially, we identify who the perfect prospect is, and utilize effective messaging, videos, sales tools, etc. to engage them and turn them over to your sales team.

Check out our Strategic Relations program below:

Learn more: richter10point2.com/strategicrelations