A Shift in Advertising

Like most, I watched the Super Bowl this past Sunday.

I can’t help to think that most of the ads are simply noise and don’t move me in any way.

I’m amazed to think that companies are spending $5.6M on the ad space and then whatever the ads cost to create ($1M plus…)

My feeling is that communication should move people and compel them to take action in some way.

I’m also blown away by the fact that most of the ads are B2C (business to consumer) with products that essentially no one needs.  

I’m wondering how and when consumer advertising built such a stronghold. It’s incredible.

Why aren’t we seeing ads for incredible B2B companies that are doing amazing things?

I 'm sure that the demographics of the viewers include high-level executives, presidents, CEOs and so forth that would be moved by the right message.

Instead, we’re seeing ads for Snickers, Cheetos…. beer….. that all deliver a very sub-par message.

My agency works with some of the leading B2B companies in the world and I can tell you that there are companies that are making real progress doing incredible things that I’d greatly prefer seeing ads for.

  • Companies like BD that produce cutting edge medical technology

  • Zoom helping people travel less while dramatically changing the game for video conferencing

  • Adobe eSign helping make contract signing efficient and effective, speeding up the rate of business