59% of Executives Prefer Video

Per WordStream (qualified presenter of marketing statistics) 59% of executives agree that if a video and text are available for the same topic, they would choose the video.

This statistic was reported in 2018, and is only growing.

Text-based marketing and sales strategies are losing their footing in 2020.

Sumo did a study on written articles and found that about 20% of people actually read articles from start to finish, so I will keep this one as brief as possible.

Executives with purchasing power aren't particularly keen on reading a twenty page dissertation about how some product or service can benefit them.

But they could more easily handle watching a two to three minute video on the subject with images, animations, or live video demonstrations of the product or service. This removes the ability of the potential buyer to add their own mental imagery to the text you've sent them, which could be a misinterpretation of your product.

Another particularly interesting statistic: Per Wistia (major online video hosting platform) videos that are up to 2-minutes long have the highest engagement from viewers.

A quick, "buy this now" video may spark some interest, but it won't engage the prospect fully. Adding 1 to 2 minute long videos into your sales strategy could result in a spike in engagement.

(I highly recommend reading that article from Wistia on the sweet spot for video length to get the most engagement).

If: Your sales strategy lacks video content that hits the right pain points of your potential prospects to engage them in your offering and usher them to a closed deal