Attaining Competence

Over the years we’ve trained a lot of people and I’ve observed the sequence that I think is ideal in order to accomplish someone who knows what they’re doing and can do it.

The sequence is:

  1. Orient

  2. Train

  3. Drill

  4. Do

  5. Correct

Breaking these steps down further:

Orient — this step is often missed. Taking the time to orient people to show them what’s what, their tools or systems, who does what, where everything is, etc is crucial. It’s really the first step before training takes place. You need to first orient people on everything related to their role.

Train — this dives into their specific role to educate them on what they need to do and how, so they have exact instructions to do their job. It’s easy to fall into the trap thinking that if you hire a salesperson from another company that they will know how to sell your product or service as well. It doesn’t 100% translate so it’s key to train them on your product/service and how you sell at your organization. This is the same for any role. Regardless of how brilliant people are — it’s key to take the time to train them on the exact role so they know it cold and can do it.

Drill — once they’ve made it through the training the next step is to have drills for them to do to challenge them and give them practice. You want to go through the material they trained on and break it down to drills that they need to do. If it’s a sales role — drill them on things like “the prospect says this — what would you do?” These can be created with short-form videos or written format. Every role should have a series of drills that the person needs to complete and get 100% correct before they’re ready.

Do — next is to have them do their actual job. As they do it — you want to note any areas they didn’t get exactly right. You can do this over a period of one week or 30 days.

Correct — once they’ve been doing their job, tackle any items that need to be corrected and go back through those things to re-train and re-drill the person on those points until they're cleared up and fully confident.

It's easy to assume that people will know these things or if you hire some who's "talented" or has "experience" then you should be able to skip this. Regardless of how smart someone is or how talented or experienced they are -- training is crucial to help that person become their best self at your organization.

Training people always takes a lot more than you realize but when done correctly, it’s amazing to see people flourish in their role.

I’d rather invest extensively in training than have to constantly hire and fire people searching for the perfect person. If you have your training system in place, you can grow the best, most competent team possible.

Robert Cornish,

CEO | Richter10.2 Media Group

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