5 Qualities of Effective Sales Media

In many sales teams, media is vital to generate the right amount of interest - just enough - to get an "in" with the prospect. Without effective media, salespeople can have a hard time getting the prospect engaged.

What qualities are necessary for sales media to really be "effective" and how to do you ensure they are going to work?

You may, at first, think of the obvious - "It needs to connect" or "it needs to be impactful" but those are a given.

Most articles or posts regarding this topic are just as ambiguous.

Let's break it down realistically:

1) It needs to avoid long dissertation-type media formats.

Try not to be extremely descriptive with your intro sales media. You will lose a large percentage of your prospects. It needs to be short and sweet - to the point.

In A/B testing thousands of emails and media formats - the short-form copy always worked best.

Overselling in the outset looks desperate.

2) It needs to be in a format that is effective on each platform.

If you post a 1920x1080 video on Facebook that has no subtitles or a CTA at the end - it will not be effective.

It is important to study which media formats work the best for each platform.

LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, One-to-One emails, etc. all have unique forms of media that generate more engagement than others.

Format your media to fit that and you have a decent start.

3) The copy needs to be based on research not assumptions.

Now this is a slight given in most media agencies, but often businesses forget that they need to hit the nail on the head. However they often hit their own nail and not the nail of the consumers. What do they want? What are their problems and needs that your product can address? What are the benefits to them if they buy?

Make sure your media isn't just "attention-getting" but addresses their needs, wants and desires.

Attention getting for attention getting's sake may drive in a lot of traffic, but few qualified buyers. Claude Hopkins (advertising genius) said that.

4) It needs to be pleasing to the eyes and ears.

Now this isn't as important as the other three points but it is important. If you make an off-green video with black text and strange audio that crackles, you will lose your audience in the first few seconds.

Pleasing color palettes and well-processed audio will keep the attention of the prospect.

5) It needs to be produced by professionals with experience.

Most businesses think that an internal team of media makers is the solution to their problem, and while some big corporations can pull this off - experience from many different fields can add unique benefits to your media making process.

Just one of Richter's animators and copywriters has made videos for many different corporations with entirely different fields. And that experience brings confidence and results.

They understand that each client is completely different and so is their target audience. When researching and creating the videos, it's almost like a mental handshake is occurring amongst our media team and the client's target prospects - "We understand - here is the solution".

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