Sales Needs Support

I want to throw a little reminder out there that while a lot of content that is created is for supporting marketing to drive leads and get attention and sign people up to get the lead in the first place, whether it's a webinar or a demo or whatever; all very important activities, all stuff you should be doing to get the attention in the first place, drive a lead in the first place, get them engaged; keep in mind that in many cases your sales team is drowning and they always need content.

In fact, I was talking to our VP of sales the other day and I asked "If you could have anything you want, if you could have it your way, how much content would you actually get?" And he said, "Honestly, probably one to two pieces, maybe one to three pieces per day." Different assets, whether it was videos or PDFs or whatever, but the moral of the story is: huge amounts of content.

If you went and surveyed your sales team right now and asked, "How much content would you need to support your activity, to give you enough excuse to follow up, to give you fresh content all the time to work from the beginning of your sales cycle all the way to the end of your sales cycle, and essentially stay the course and make it all the way through from start to finish?" And the truth is quite a bit.

You want to have content for everything. You want material with testimonials and case studies and

things like that. It helps win over the customer and get their buy-in or get their confidence.

You want to have initial stuff that dives into the value proposition, and why and what problem you solve. You want to have things that support it. You want to have things that go deeper to help explain it, maybe explain your process, and make sure that you're answering every question through that sales journey from start to finish.

Create content to drive the leads and support marketing. But at the same time, your sales team needs a heck of a lot more content than you probably have. And you can just go and survey them and ask them, "What do you need? What kind of content do you need?" And focus on driving that content because it's important to get the lead, but it's even more important to close that lead. That's where the revenue comes in.

The leads aren