The Sales Journey | The Assets You Need

When you look at the overall sales journey - and I think about this a lot, and I spend a lot of time in sales and specifically in B2B sales - when you're working in B2B sales, I look at it from a journey standpoint when I look at everything that's needed.

If I was tasked with selling a new product or service in a B2B space, I look at what I would want, what I would need.

A lot of salespeople run into what's considered "call reluctance" or a sort of "back-off" on continuing and following up. That stems from them being ill prepared, not armed with everything that they need. They don't really have an excuse. Because if you go out there and you're following up with a prospect and you say, "Hey, just calling to follow up." And then your email says, "Hey, I called to follow up." You only do that two or three times before you give up. And then you kick it back to marketing and say, "It's dead" or "it's cold".

But the reality is on average, salespeople are following up about three times, when it really takes eighteen or more contacts, eighteen or more follow-ups in order to get a deal done. There's a big discrepancy between how many times they're following up and what it actually takes to close a deal.

So if you took a step back and you looked at it and said, "Well, why aren't they following up? Why aren't they staying the course? Why aren't they going all the way through the sales cycle?" I would look at your entire sales journey from start to finish and really what I would want is to have everything armed through the entire sales journey.

For Richter it's:



Proposal review

Selling and handling Asking

Closing logistics