The Two Steps to Get The Close

“There's two sales. Sale number one is communication. The second sale is selling.”

Robert Cornish | CEO of Richter

Richter CEO, Robert Cornish, recently published a video on LinkedIn which perfectly describes why many businesses fail to meet sales expectations. Follow Robert on LinkedIn here: Robert Cornish.

Too many sales teams focus on selling the product without the prospect being really engaged with the sales person. That sale won’t come to a close. “Without sale #1, sale #2 won’t happen.” - Robert Cornish.

I once met a salesman who did some ridiculous things to get a prospect engaged. He would send them comedy sketches filmed on his iPhone relating to how the prospect always ignored him. And what do you know, it worked.

Doing things that engage the prospect gets them truly “in-communication” with your sales team. I’m not saying to send them comedy sketches. But sales assets which grab attention and engage are vital - so vital that they are the first sale before the actual sale. You have to sell them on you before you sell the service/product.

If a homeless person tried to sell you a new car, would you buy it? Most likely not. And not because it’s a bad deal, but because you are not sold on the seller. You are not engaged. You didn’t even think about the deal or allow them to present it.

An important part of sales in general is removing any sort of rabid - I gotta sell them! - attitude and instead think about what would engage that prospect to enter the sales cycle. Once they are truly in-communication, then your sales cycle is usually a breeze (if you have the right sales assets).

I’ve seen many salespeople fall from grace because they didn’t focus on engagement.

How do you engage the prospect?

A proven method is to send them masterfully crafted messages and equally masterful videos that engages them in not only the product but you as well. You took the time to write something impactful and the video hits all the buttons that the prospect wants handled. Then they send a reply and either ask for more information, schedule a call or ask off your list.

Don’t worry about the “I’m not interested" ones. There are things you can do to improve your “engagement rate”. One is to swap out different copy in your messages to find the perfect combination that works. Even different videos can be swapped to see which one has the most impact.

After doing that, you'll have your perfect combinations.

Any disinterested prospects at that point - just accept that they most likely wouldn’t be a good client. If the product or service is valuable, your delivery/installation is exceptional and your message and videos are the perfect combination, then it’s not you. It’s them.

Eventually they’ll come around when their problem is big enough and they know you can solve it.

Richter handles the first sale through our Strategic Relations Program.

Everything from defining the exact right people, engaging them with a compelling communication strategy and bringing them into your sales cycle.

Learn more about Strategic Relations here: Richter Strategic Relations Program.

Or watch the video below:


Devin Manuel

VP Marketing | Richter 10.2 Media Group