The Common B2B Sales Struggle | And The Solution

Sales teams around the world often have a mutual struggle - not being in front of only the most compatible buyers.

A lot of time and effort is wasted on the mining, contacting and engaging of leads who aren’t the most qualified.

In the B2B sales cycle, this is the most important and vital part of company growth and is nothing to just shrug your shoulders at and think, “well, maybe next time.”

Many salespeople are sitting there wondering “when are we going to just have nothing but the most qualified people to


And it’s true, the most qualified can be the easiest to close since they have the problem you solve and the budget to solve it, all it takes is for your sales team to give the most compelling argument.

Sales teams that don’t have this problem have the highest morale, they aren’t struggling with non-compatible buyers all day. They are seeing the right people.

How do you solve this problem? You need 3 things:

  1. Your source of the leads (mining grounds)

  2. Sales assets (videos and other assets that pitch the solution to the buyer)

  3. Dedicated, distraction free lead generators (people).

If you have 1) running well and pulling in qualified buyers, why do you need 2)? Without strong and effective sales assets you might as well kiss those leads goodbye.

They won’t bite, or engage.

Ideal scenario: You have someone working diligently getting leads to enter the sales cycle via your designated lead sources. The intro sales assets the lead generator sends out make the ideal prospects bite and begin the sales cycle. Once they are in the cycle and had a sales call/meeting, the follow-up is handled with even more flushed out sales assets that are geared to get a closed deal.

Essentially, you need to be arming your sales team with the best weaponry. Your scouts (lead generators) initiate first contact and the sales team comes in to secure the close with assets the prospect can’t help but engage with.

Richter solves the “low quality prospect” problem through it’s Strategic Relations program.

We get the right people at the right time to ensure you maintain a sales environment that has the highest probability of closing.

Everything from defining the exact right people, getting their attention and interest with a compelling communication strategy and bringing them into the sales cycle.

The result? Here is some information about one of our Strategic Relations clients, Brocade (subsidiary of Broadcom):

We started by defining the exact audience they needed to get to and from there did the homework to find the people that fit that exact profile. From there we created assets like video (right), elevator pitches, case studies and messaging that were tailored to those exact people.

Our team initiated the outreach on behalf of Brocade with compelling content and messaging to pique their interest and bring them into the sales cycle so we could turn them over to our key sales contact at Brocade and then support them through the sales journey to ensure they closed a high percent of what we introduced.

The outcome was that Richter brought reaches that entered the sales cycle with the United Nations, Colt, QVC, CA Technologies, Cablevision, and Hubbell.

Learn more about our Strategic Relations program. Watch the video below:


Devin Manuel

VP Marketing | Richter 10.2 Media Group