How to Solve the "Inconsistent Message" Problem

"People don't scale. When you're training - having someone attempt to say the same thing over and over to repeat the message is exhausting and doesn't scale."

Robert Cornish | Founder & CEO of Richter 10.2 Media Group

Most sales people (at least the savvy ones) take note of their successful methods and record their knowledge.

They need to keep their edge in the game, but often salespeople aren't likely to share that knowledge.

That knowledge goes where ever they go, and if they leave, well you're out of luck.

Many sales departments experience slow periods when their top dogs exit the company. Mainly because the successful sales guy does something that works and closes deals, but the next guy doesn't - and he isn't trained on what the first guy does.

A workable rule-of-thumb is: take note of what your sales team does. Any actions a successful sales person does which results in closed deals needs to be noted down, not just by the sales person but by the overall department. And the entire team should be trained on that information, one after the other.

The best way to get consistency is through video.

A series of videos - crafted to train a sales person on the right way to go about their deals to get closes - is the best way to get a consistent message coming from your sales department.

People don't scale, but video does. Videos can be used to train a 5 person team of sales reps, or a 10,000 person sales company.

If you want your sales team to deliver a consistent message across the board - that you know works - then compile that message(s), put it into video form, send it off to your sales teams and have them watch it, drill the techniques and then start closing more deals.

If you do that, you will see a rise in revenue and sooner than you'd think.

A sales person who is fully trained on the successful methods of your sales cycle is an asset. They can close deals consistently because they are delivering the same message over and over.

Richter 10.2 Media Group works with some of the biggest names and has produced training videos for AT&T, US Cellular and Wyndham Destinations to name a few.

We know that video produces results for sales training. And this doesn't just apply to sales training. Technology, production, administration, management, etc. - all of these areas can scale if they have videos made and added to their training assets.

Learn how we solve the inconsistent-message problem, watch the video below:

Posted By: Devin Manuel

VP Marketing | Richter 10.2 Media Group

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