Video is the backbone of B2B sales in 2019

It’s no myth that research-backed, professionally crafted videos are the most effective way of selling a product to a B2B company’s target audience.

Most of the biggest B2B companies in the world utilize videos to sell their products or services.

Every year the number of senior executives absorbing video content online jumps up by 80%.

Why? Because senior executives are growing accustomed to video as the standard delivery method of information.

In a world fueled by technological advancements, sales fall behind without adjusting to the modern age.

Recently a close friend told me that their sales of a high-ticket B2B item were slowly declining since around 2014.

I had him show me his sales cycle and the first thing his target audience was sent was a long, very thorough sales letter with pictures, graphs, statistics, etc.

This is where the sales decline came from. It was undoubtedly an effective tool back in 2000 to around 2014 but then the social media age went light-speed.

How do you create a wildly profitable and modern B2B sales cycle?

59% of executives agree that if both text and video are given as options for the same subject matter, they are more likely to choose video.

Using video is not only a way the increase sales in the B2B world, it is the #1 method chosen by marketing agencies for maximum ROI.


Bob wants to contact Joe who is the CTO of an analytics company.

Bob wants to sell his deep data integration platform to this company so they can pull and analyze data from millions of sources at one time. Bob knows that this is something Joe will want.

So Bob sends Joe a four minute video that hits all the points Joe has problems with regarding integrations.

The video perfectly impinges on what Joe needs and wants for the company in only four minutes.

Then Joe responds with interest and is now right into the sales cycle but much more susceptible to close.

Why? Because he didn’t have to read a sales letter, which could have been dead in the water the moment Joe realized he had to READ something.


Add video to your B2B sales cycle.

But not just “videos”. Add videos that will really capture attention, deliver an impinging message and assist in the sales cycle.

This will make it easy to avoid clogs in your sales pipeline and speed up the timeline from “lead” to “close”.

Richter 10.2 Media Group solves the B2B sales journey from start to finish. Learn more by watching the video below:

Devin Manuel

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