Day 1

I read that Tom Cruise wakes up and pretends like he’s never made a movie, that he hasn’t made it yet and works like he’s starting from scratch. That’s how he tackles his day. Like he’s trying to make it.

Jeff Bezos acts like it’s day one all the time, as if they’re just getting started. He occupied a building called “Day 1” as a reminder that the company should always be in “Day 1” mode.

Daniel Ek, Founder of Spotify stated “We are only in the second inning,” repeatedly in the months leading up to and just after the IPO, an echo of Jeff Bezos’s notion that it’s “day one.”

The takeaway? Be a beginner all the time. Always be in “start”. Always work like you haven’t made it. Maintain that vigor.

The enthusiasm, ambition and drive of someone just getting started is contagious. It’s amazing how often things go their way.

Once you’ve attained some level of success, it’s easy to lose that focus. To deflate a little or get distracted, dispersed or less driven. Complacent even.

Don’t. The fun and excitement is at the start. Attaining your potential means maintaining this internal mantra.

— Robert

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