A common challenge…

One constant with nearly every company I speak to is this; they have challenges getting to the right people at the right companies to bring them into the sales cycle. 

While the sales team could and should be doing the work to get to these key people, they end up becoming distracted or busy selling leaving no time to do the trench work to cultivate this kind of business.

Marketing is working on the larger mass actions so ultimately no one is doing the work to research and get to the key people at the key companies that are very valuable to the company and that would help move the needle on strategic revenue. 

This specific problem is addressed through our strategic relations program. 

We do the research to define who those people and companies are followed by assets that are tailored to them along with messaging. 

We then do the tedious work to get to those people to walk them into the sales cycle so we can hand deliver them to our client. 

This means the key sales rep responsible can optimize their time by being in an environment where the probability of selling and closing these “right” people is relatively high. 

It’s not a volume play, it’s a focused quality move to bring about 10 prospects to the table that fit a very specific criteria. If any of this sounds like a challenge you’re dealing with, we can arrange a short call to discuss this program. 

Here’s a short video that explains this further: 




Have a great week! 

— Robert 

PS. Here’s the latest video on Linkedin about the value of focusing your message: www.linkedin.com/feed/update/urn:li:activity:6371445738676850688