Solving this one problem…

I spend a lot of time talking to people directly responsible for revenue, sales or managing sales teams.

A consistent theme that comes up as a problem that needs to be solved is sales training.

More specifically — how to get the team to do what they are supposed to do at the right time and consistently to result in a consistent outcome.

This is where the video training campaign works well.

Imagine first mapping the entire sales journey from start to finish and then writing one continuous pitch from beginning to end to have everything the salesperson will need to say and do at every stage.

We essentially break that into 9 videos that are in sequence and can be used over and over to train the sales team and debug the sales team when and as needed.

This isn’t something they review once, it’s something that they can use over and over. You can onboard new reps with this. Sales management can use to too handle a rep and get them to review the right video at the right stage.

But training the sales team starts with having the right assets in place to actually accomplish it.

Having a video sales training campaign is arguably the best investment you could possibly make in your sales team and revenue goals this year.

Here are two videos that you should watch:

This one addresses the common problem:

This one talks about the sales training campaign:

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