The most important thing…

One of the biggest challenges any company faces deals with their people.

Companies struggle to get their people to do the things they are supposed to do, that get the outcomes they are supposed to get.

This issue plagues most companies large and small.

I read the Google book not long ago called “How Google Works” and the entire book was essentially about people. How to hire, recruit, train and enhance people. Not about technology. Not about systems within Google. About people.

If you don’t get the people right — you won’t make the progress you’re attempting to make.

This requires you to take a step back and review what each role requires and writing up exactly what needs to happen for each role so you can effectively train the people to do their role the way it needs to be done.

As it relates to the sales journey from start to finish — before you get to sales strategies or tactics or enablement — you need to ensure the sales team is effectively trained on the same things, saying the right things at the right time and executing in coordination so they attain consistent results.

This sounds like a tall order — but when done, what’s it actually worth? If your sales team was in lock step saying and doing the right things at the right time to get the right outcomes — what is that actually worth?

This problem provoked us to create our internal sales training campaign to help support our clients from end to end through their sales journey.

It’s one thing to have assets for the sales team to send but earlier in the sequence they need to be trained through the sales process.

We’ve accomplished this through the use of a video campaign made up of 9 videos that follows the sales journey from start to finish specifically tailored to the sales team so they can be trained in coordination to attain consistency.

— Robert

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