Sales is redundant

I was speaking to a prospect today and he laughed when I said that sales is a very redundant sport.

He’s felt the pain of having to say the same thing over and over again just to get to the important stuff.

Here’s the thing — if you could cut out the redundant stuff and get into the deeper sales conversation faster, you’d be able to optimize your selling time and move the deal toward closing faster.

No salesperson wants to say the same thing over and over but they often have to. What they want to do (and what you want them to do) is spend quality time selling.

This is one of the things our sequential campaign strategy handles.

We capture and create the perfect handling in video form for the redundant elements of the sales cycle to help move the cycle along which gives the salespeople tools to send that preemptively handle those points so they can focus on deep diving into what really matters and move the cycle to close.

Step one is training your sales team with everything needed and step two is giving them the tools to support the sales journey from start to finish.

Our new video on the sales training campaign can be played above.

Here’s the video on the sequential campaign:

— Robert