They're unresponsive...

The level of communication it takes to move the needle in sales is staggering these days.

I read an article the other day that Hubspot put out and they said it took 18 contacts on average to close a sale. That’s nuts.

I’m sure you’ve experienced sending countless emails and leaving countless voicemails with zero response back. In fact, I’m sure you’ve done it to someone else.

Here’s the thing — we’re all a little distracted. We’re all a little guilty of procrastination. We’re all a little unresponsive. Even if we are in fact interested or need the product or service.

Being unresponsive has practically become a cultural norm.

So if you’re in marketing or sales — you need to solve this problem all the same.

That means that you need to have enough assets and tools to help get through the entire sales journey from start to finish and it could take as many as 18 contacts throughout.

Here’s another scary piece of data — your sales team is most likely only following up or making contact 3-4 times on average. Nowhere near what’s needed to pull off a sale.

Meaning, leads are being produced but a tiny fraction are being closed which spikes your cost of lead and cost of acquisition amounts.

The mission then is to solve the sales journey from start to finish so you’re organized and armed with everything your team needs to stay the course and keep the prospect engaged.

Easier said than done.

Cracking this starts with knowing what you’re up against. Once you