What do you do?

What exactly do you do?

It can often be very tempting to write messaging that sounds fancy but on the receiving end, it can be frustrating to try to decode what the message is actually saying so the viewer can understand what you do.

This plagues websites and corporate videos.

It’s quite infuriating to be viewing a site or watching a video and essentially have no idea what they do and feel like you need to start looking up terms or jargon on Google.

The temptation is to make it look, feel and sound sophisticated but the outcome can often be a complicated message that says nothing or isn’t received well by the viewer and leaves them feeling confused resulting in lost interest.

The lost interest means lost sales revenue.

On the other hand — it’s incredibly satisfying to play a video that nails a company's message so well that the viewer fully understands what they do and distinctly has the urge to reach for more.

It’s easier said than done but it starts with great writing from someone who understands how to communicate in a clear, simple and compelling way. Rare birds for sure.

I often ask prospects while I’m on the phone with them if they have any dedicated writers at their company and the answer is almost always no.

Great writing is at the core of your entire communication strategy. Everything is dependent on it from design, marketing, sales pitches, PR, branding etc.

Don’t skimp on writing.

That’s a big part of our mission. We don’t want our clients delivering complex and confusing messaging to their audience only to result in lost business.

We invest in great writers that start with understanding who we’re communicating to and then develop how to communicate to them in a simple but effective way.

This can have an enormous impact on your sales efforts.

— Robert

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