The "already been done" folks

I'm amazed at the people that say “it’s already been done”.

Their ability to differentiate is lacking or missing and their ability to see a different angle or differences in the person doing something or their audience or influence is not evident to them.

Never listen to someone who tells you — it's already been done because that person lacks the ability to see differences and lacks vision. They just do.

In 2006 cell phones had already been done. By many. And done well. Motorola, Nokia, Samsung and Blackberry - all of them had been doing it well. Then the iPhone came along in 2007.

Cars had already been done well, even electric cars had been done by others, not well but done for sure. Then Tesla came along.

Books had been done by Borders and Barnes and Noble as well as large stores with everything you could want in one place had been done by Walmart and Target and the likes and then Amazon entered and dominated.

Vacuums had been done for a long time and relatively well by Hoover and Oreck and so forth and then Dyson came along and set a new standard.

You should never take advice or listen to people who can't see this. Never.

If you have an idea, do it. It doesn't matter if it's been done by others or even if it's been done well. Focus on what you will do and how and be guided by your vision and execute as strong as you can.

If you focus on your product and customer experience across the company and support it with incredible marketing and sales - there's a good chance you'll succeed.

Always remember how badly most companies, even big and successful ones, actually are at many different things including customer service, design, quality, execution, speed, care, product, management etc.

There’s no shortage of opportunity — you just need to look for it and act.

— Robert

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