Keeping the viewers interest…

“Great graphics will keep us in our seats for a couple of minutes, it is story that holds us in our seats.”

- John Lasseter

If you plan to spend time and money on video content of any kind, first spend time understanding your audience, the person clicking play, and then ensure that you have extremely talented writers that truly understand that audience and can write copy that’s compelling for that audience.

You are a buyer. The things you take action on are the things that compel you because they are directly relevant to a need you have, a want, a pain or problem or a motivation you have.

Are you taking the time to understand your prospective buyers and writing incredibly compelling copy that gets them to take action or are you spamming them with content that gets relegated to noise? First, in this noisy and dizzy online environment, you need to get their initial attention. Their permission to invest further attention.

Short form content can accomplish if it’s well written and delivered and that will gateway to your long form pitch and value prop.

But we need their attention first and that means we need to be fast and smart.

Lets start short and fast to open the door and we can then tackle the long form to help seal the deal.

Here’s a 36 second example we just finished:

If you like to discuss some short form strategies, reach out:


Have a great week!

— Robert