How to close….

If you want to help your sales team, give them tools that help them toward the end of the sales cycle.

The truth is that many sales people can handle the initial discovery call and perhaps a follow up call but where they fall down or struggle is managing through the sales cycle at the selling and handling stages, objections, confidence and asking stages. This is where things bog down.

So arm them with tools that help offset this and keep the prospect fully engaged, continued to be sold and pushing through to conclude the sale.

This is where a series of experience trailers comes in. Often the prospect needs to understand the applicability in the real world and what your offering means for them. While they may be sold conceptually, they need to go deeper in order to make a decision.

Here’s an experience trailer that HP created that does a fantastic job to paint the picture for a real world experience that conveys well to their prospective customers. — this one is a touch long but very well done.

Here’s one we created for our client (an Infor partner)

Any sales team needs as much support as you can possible throw at them to help conclude cycles toward the end.

They typically can handle the beginning of the sales cycle but they often struggle at the end so it’s wise to beef up your efforts toward the end of the sales cycle to help woo the customer and present incredible assets that truly convert them.

Lastly — today is the last day of July and we still have the incentive for our 1 minute animated video. You can package these up with as many as needed.

Have a great week!


— Robert