Avoid these headlines…

Here’s some recent headlines…

"Gymboree is closing 350 stores"

"SoundCloud, the ‘YouTube for audio’, cuts 173 jobs, closes San Francisco, London offices"

"Jawbone is going out of business"

"Westinghouse, filed for bankruptcy protection in March."

"LeEco delays payroll until August due to 'financial constraints'"

"Faraday Future's own future is in question"

Not to shake you too much but these are a few of the headlines I’ve seen in recent news that startled me a little.

Here’s the thing, you can have the greatest product and still end up like the above.

You can have great customer service and experience and end up like the above.

The way out and away from the dangerous waters? Having a sales-centric culture that relentlessly drives marketing and sales across the company. Sales handles all. Mostly all anyway.

You have to constantly pour gasoline on the fire to support your sales team in any way possible to enable them with assets to outflow and pitch to your clients and potential customers. It will never end and you can never let up. Ever.

When companies start getting shy or conservative about this — you know trouble is around the corner.

Too many people get distracted about “budget” and they focus on saving rather than hammering on the front lines to drive new sales and new revenue that keeps the company firmly planted with one foot in the future.

Yes, you need to ensure spending is below overall income but 80% of all efforts needs to be focused on things that will support growth and enhance and improve sales to guarantee the survival of the company.

Take your eye off this even for a minute and you start to teeter.

“When I get asked a one liner, ‘what’s the secret to success?’ I just say: “Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell and advertise.”

- Ted Turner

— Robert

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