Sell better than they can object

You're going to get objections or originations or barriers that come up in sales. No question. But you need to be totally and utterly prepared and have the ability to sell better than they can object.

What does that mean? It means that you need to be able to steamroll any possible objection under the sun moon or stars. Without hesitation. Sales is a game of communication and usually if a prospect is on the phone with you, they're interested to some degree so it effectively becomes your sale to blow.

I used to have this teacher in 5th grade that said at the start of the year that everyone had an A and it was up to you to keep it or have it be reduced based your efforts and work through the semester — sales is kind of like that. You start out with a clean slate and from there you screw it up. So your mission is to be so good that you don't screw it up.

I think the Achilles heel of most salespeople is in three areas:

  1. Strong discovery calls with smooth delivery,

  2. Handling objections flawlessly and

  3. Controlling the cycle at the end to ask for the deal and walk it over the finish line as smooth as possible.

Most of the reasons salespeople are weak on these three areas is because they get caught off guard and ineffectively answer questions that exudes confidence and sells the prospect further. Deals are lost everyday by this.

Keep in mind that the prospect is selling too. But it's more of a challenge sale because they're trying to ferret out companies or products that don't suit their needs or find holes so they make a safe bet and a good decision for their money. Any flinch and they've got you.

So your job is first and foremost to absolutely believe in your company and your products or service to the full.

Then to know every objections that typically comes up and be absolutely ready for anything they could possibly say. Then be so sold on the product or service that even if you don't know the objection handling point, you can come up with one on the fly because you're practically an evangelist for your company.

Objections need to be confidently steamrolled so the prospect feels comfortable and ends up drinking the same Kool-Aid you drink. Never ever let objections stop you or make you hesitate.

— Robert

Claude C. Hopkins (considered the father of modern advertising) said:

“The only purpose of advertising is to make sales. It is not for general effect. It is not to keep your name before the people....”