Sell smarter…

Sales can be really challenging — especially in this day and age because we have sites and applications galore…

People are incredibly distracted or dispersed and it leads to overwhelm so the idea of having salespeople following up to compound the noise they’re dealing with can be a challenge and sometimes met with resistance. :)

So if you’re a great salesperson, you’ll take as much distraction off your prospects plate. Find ways to deliver the content or information they need in an orderly fashion. Be efficient and be transparent.

Don’t just hammer them with calls and emails that add to their pile.

Focus on walking them through the sales process and providing them assets that makes it easier to get others on board if needed.

Salespeople constantly want to schedule calls and the chaos that goes along with just trying to coordinate calendars consumes massive amounts of time.

Instead, think creatively. Send a 2 minute video that articulates the exact problem you solve in the most hard hitting message.

Part of the resistance you get related to organizing appointments is that the prospect doesn’t know if they’re interested. They aren’t ready to invest time because time is worth more than money so they need to spend it wisely.

You need to do a superior job to deliver your message in a compelling way that’s methodical and organized and doesn’t add to their traffic or chaos or stress….

Make it easy for your prospects to be sold and you’ll have an easier time selling them.

Here’s an example of a campaign we created to neatly walk our prospects through every question they have related to starting a video project:

If you have any questions about a campaign, reach out:

info@Wil 727-447-3600

Have a great week!

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