Preparation is your weapon

In any given week or day, the thing that you can depend on to ensure success is preparation. Back in the day when I played competitive hockey, our 5AM practices each morning were the thing that led to a successful game. The game’s won before it ever started.

Being prepared is a core part of success. If you plan for each day and each week and get completely ready for it, the odds will turn in your favor.

I see people on a daily basis under-prepared if prepared at all and it shows in their performance. They scratch their head and act bewildered when things don’t work out for the day or the week but it only comes down to their lack of preparation for the task at hand.

So prior to any day or week, prepare yourself fully for what needs to be executed the next day or throughout the week. This includes things like:

  • Having a daily list of targets that need to be executed in a detailed, doable manner that will align your actions and keep you organized.

  • Preparing any calls, appointments or details you need for the week to make a definite agenda that you can focus on and simply execute.

  • Studying any training material or reading relevant books that will help you be mentally prepared and trained for what you need to do. Few people put enough time and energy into studying and training on relevant material that will allow you to excel in your position.

  • Drilling any processes or in sales, patterns and objection handlings that will help you smoothly execute your tasks. Drilling can be enormously effective because it makes you perfect. It fully prepares you and makes your work and actions become second nature. So drill until you know your position cold. Actors do it. Top athletes do it and you need to do it.

The bottom-line is this; ­be ready.

In sports, training and being prepared is everything. When you’re fully trained and prepared, you’re competent when game day comes. Playing your best is a native state since the training and preparation has been done. I can’t stress this enough! Be prepared.

In an interview with Usain Bolt when asked where his self confidence came from he replied,

“I trust my trainer, myself, and the hours and hours of sweat that I put in.”

Bolt’s trainer Glen Mills added, “I see too many athletes having to try too hard on the day, because they’ve not done the work. The result is their muscles are too tense and they can’t flow. If you put in enough of the right practice, t