The business of crazy

It’s December and we’re in the business of crazy.

Look — we never push crazy ideas like we do at this time of year. Never.

We’re pushing some of the tightest margin incentives right now to drive year end numbers and it just so happens that our clients benefit from all this craziness.

We don’t know about budgets or your internal landscape and frankly don’t need to know. What we have going now saves a ton of money on something that you’re most likely going to do anyway, which is equivalent to making money.

That’s what we do — we’re alchemist. We help you make money.

So if you do your magic to get approvals and commit to a project — we will get you the greatest deal of the year.

Here are two new projects we just completed:

Kaspersky Lab


And here’s a comment from one of our sales team after he spoke to a client:

“Eddie says he’s gotten over 1000 views on his video so far, but more than that he’s gotten over 300 notes written back to him as a result of people watching it, along with several closed new deals.”

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