Everything Changes

If there’s one thing in life you can bank on, it’s change.

It’s easy to fail to recognize the rapid change because you’re living your day to day life and many things seem the same. But they aren’t.

If you were to setup a time lapse camera that filmed the earth and the people around you at all times, you’d observe overwhelming change at an incredible rate of motion. It would look like a zillion changes happening instantly.

Years ago I had a real estate investment company and the one thing I knew for sure was that change was going to happen. So I could pursue a property today, make an offer and get rejected but tomorrow or an hour from now, something might change. The person could get relocated, quit or lose their job, decide to move, realize they need the cash and the list goes on. Life happens. Things are constantly changing.

I reviewed this with the team the other day to discuss the importance of not getting stuck on an old or fixed picture in your mind. For example, you might be in sales and the last time you spoke to a prospect, they said they have zero interest and don’t have the budget or something along these lines. So you kept that picture in your mind and neglected to really continue to pursue it.

Meanwhile what has happened since is this; the person you spoke to quit and moved to another company, the company has a massive trade show coming up and not only do they need what you have but they need a lot of it and the budget is already in place once they find the right partner. Change happens constantly. Life creates constant change.

You can always bank on change.

Every day and every hour is new. Conditions change. And they change fast. So while you’ve fixated on an old and now stale picture in your mind, life has moved full steam ahead and completely changed but you’re still holding that same picture in your mind even though everything is now different. Make sense?

Keep this in mind in business at all times. What may have been a barrier or may have previously stopped you could now be totally different so you have to adapt to the current environment and continue to pursue things in the current moment. Treat each day as a new condition of time and circumstances.

Just because you couldn't make a deal yesterday doesn't mean you shouldn't try today because life changes constantly. The person that was there may no longer be there, the problem that was a barrier may no longer be relevant. Thoughts or consideration that were in the way may have changed entirely.

Carpe Diem — live in the moment or seize the day.

Conditions always change so never get stuck on past pictures.

— Robert

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