Are You Them?

We deal with communication essentially all day, every day.

There’s one thing I notice time and time again with people and companies: they just shoot out a message that they feel needs to be heard or that they want to spread without truly understanding the receiving party.

Every marketing and sales message that leaves your organization should be obsessively tailored to an exact person.

Put yourself in the receiving person’s shoes. Think about it; what do they need? Want? What frustrates them? What problem are they trying to solve? Where are they trying desperately to get to?

So often messages are clearly written or spoken from the viewpoint of the company or the one doing the selling. They’re about benefits and why someone needs this or that…. but as the buyer…. you don’t give a damn.

As the buyer — your sole concern is yourself. You want to understand how something solves your problem or your challenges or frustrations. That’s the sole thing you’re focused on and any message you read or watch (if you do…) needs do cut right to the heart of the issues that are tailored to you.

So while people preach things like “content is king” and they hammer their audience with blanket messages that are clearly not customized for them — understand that it just becomes white noise for them and the audience becomes numb to it.

You need to work harder and smarter if you’re going to really get their attention and keep it.

Think for a second about any message you’ve gotten via email or ad or video that really didn’t grab you. Got one in mind? Good, now think of one that grabbed your attention and kept it and compelled you to take some form of action. Got one? See the difference?

We live and breath this for our clients. This isn’t a component part of the game, it’s the whole game.

If this speaks to you, let’s have a call so we can discuss ideas for a strategy that will help scale growth in 2017.


Have a great week!

— Robert

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