You Don’t Know Your Audience

I’ve spoken to an enormous number of people in business that tell me they know their audience and… they don’t.

For the past 9 years I’ve obsessed over understanding our target public and our clients’ target public.


Because when we know target public, we know what to write, what to say and how and what will get them to reach.

This is the very first step in anything we do because we know that there’s no point writing one line of copy unless we know precisely whom we’re speaking to.

It’s what anchors strategic relations and it’s mission critical to its success.

We’ve helped clients secure relationships with companies like Netflix, Nike, Redbull, GE, HP, Georgia-Pacific, etc.

Here’s one of our latest testimonials:

2017 is in motion. Let’s get your sales strategy to scale and up to pace.


Have a great Thursday!

— Robert

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