With Love From Richter

Now that 2016 is over and we’re well on our way into 2017, we thought we’d launch the first incentive of the year.

So we came up with the Valentine’s special.

Here’s the skinny — we’re doing two crazy things, 1) we’ve created a crazy deal for live shoots. 2) we created a crazy package for four 1 minute animated videos:


If you’re familiar with how we are then you know that every now and then we come up with a kooky deal that has a specific time frame and a certain number that we’re willing to do. These deals don’t stick around and we rarely repeat them.

So knowing that, if either of these specials are aligned with your current needs, then you may as well lock one in. It’s essentially equivalent to buying a great stock below the current market value.

Here are some examples of live projects we completed recently:

NYNE www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5ndgdEdlTc

ServCorp youtu.be/ZrSY4fAZrQM

Prestige Alarm youtu.be/iqYIBkqhNkg

Here’s an example of a few one minute animated projects:

Richter: youtu.be/xG9U9U7E7R8

Verity youtu.be/oc-KzBaNpJk

Q4 youtu.be/oqJeSvXG2tg (Ok, this one is a touch longer)

If you’d like a proposal sent over — let us know.