Army Vs. SEALS

There’s a problem that seems to affect every company regardless of size, staff, revenue, etc.

It’s this: they continue to run into situations where they need to get to specific people at specific companies who are highly valuable to them, and if they could get to those people and enter the sales cycle, there’s a very high probability they would close them.

Now, I’m not talking about broad marketing actions or driving a large volume of prospects. I’m talking about getting to high value targets that help drive business growth. These companies and people need to be pursued the right way and it’s often time consuming, tedious work.

We solve this problem for clients and the analogy I often use is this: where you may use and need an army for a specific target, we’re the Navy SEALS for what we do. We’re hyper focused on the mission in the most tactical and efficient way possible and we deal with high value targets only.

So if the above describes a need that resonates with you, we should have a call.

Here’s a testimonial from a client that we just completed:

Here’s an overview video that explains our approach a little further:

Now is the time to get on pace for 2017. We can find and bring the right relationships to the table that will help spearhead your growth.



Happy Thursday!

— Robert

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