End of the Year Package

The end of the year is approaching rapidly so we’re launching a special package to help beef up your sales strategy for the new year to help gain early momentum.

The package is a mini version of our campaign comprised of a series of videos that follow the sales sequence and buyer journey to say the right things at the right stage.

We’re huge proponents for building a synchronized series as opposed to one here and there or a fragmented approach.

Here’s what’s included in the package:

—Five videos up to 2 minutes in length each

—A beautiful page created for the videos to be shown like these:




—Two What Works books sent out to you


We’re going to run this through December 25th, 2016 and we’ve priced the entire package 25% below our normal rate.

If you have an interest in this package, reach out at 727-447-3600

-Robert Cornish

PS if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s our latest experience trailer project https://youtu.be/yEFT3I0alvk