Not all videos are created equal.

Nobody wants to read your white paper. Or your deck, or your PowerPoint presentation. Sorry. There’s just WAY too much interesting, dynamic content assaulting our senses every moment of the day that makes it challenging to achieve the zen headspace needed to concentrate on your value proposition in written form. This is the 21st century bed we’ve made and now we’re stuck with it.

What your audience will love (and love you for) is a succinct, clear, simple video that explains exactly why your product or service is going to solve their problem better than any other solution they’re considering.

I’m not breaking new ground discussing the value of video. But all videos are not created equal. Plenty of creative agencies or startups can offer cheap (or expensive) videos that look OK (or even great). But there’s not a company on the planet who can create a more effective video for you (and more importantly, your audience) than Richter can. I know because as Richter’s Creative Director, I’ve watched every single video draft and read every single script before it went out to each client. Over 4000 of them. And we get such stellar client feedback every week that I couldn’t make it up to sound that good if I tried.

We love what we do. We’re great at it. We’re here to help you. REALLY help you. Let’s get started on something…