10 Different Ways Your Company Can Use Video

So, you’ve already heard that video is an essential, need-to-have tool in your marketing arsenal more times than you count. And by this point, you’re basically convinced and ready to take the plunge, but need some guidance as to what type of video you should create.

Good news! After producing over 4000 videos for companies large and small all over the world, we definitely have some ideas. The list below highlights 10 of the most popular and effective ways we’ve seen videos used. We guarantee that your company will immediately benefit from at least a handful, if not all of the below.

Consumer Facing:

  1. Company Overview / Value Prop – An engaging, dynamic way to let new customers know what your company is all about and how you can help them.

  2. Explainer – Pretty self-explanatory (pun intended). This is an effective tool for illustrating complex (or not) products and services in a simple, compelling way through illustration, motion graphics, and/or live footage! Ideally, you should have a dedicated explainer video for each product/service you offer.

  3. Demo – Whether they serve as training tools for your staff, or showcase your product in action, these helpful videos definitely really bring your products and services to life.

  4. How it works – A behind-the-scenes look at your manufacturing process, technology, software, etc. This is especially helpful for complex technology/software/IT solutions or companies where the manufacturing process is key.

  5. Testimonial – Genuine stories and anecdotes from your happy customers talking about why they love your company and how it helped them solve specific problems and achieve their business goals.

  6. Case Study – A counterpart to the testimonial, these videos elaborate on a specific scenario in which your services helped your client’s company, generally using a “Problem, Solution, Benefit” format.

  7. Live Event Footage – Perfect for capturing events, trade shows, conferences, seminars, presentations, product demos that can later be distributed internally or shared with customers. Internal

  8. Recruitment – Showcase what your company culture, environment, people and purposes are all about to prospective employees. It’s an effective tool to attract talent and fill needed roles.

  9. Internal Communication/HR video – An engaging way to educate, inspire and align your team. Share vital messages, new products and services, or company-wide successes. Also great for new employee orientation and onboarding.

  10. Training – Equip your employees with the skills and information they need for success.

Saw something that strikes your interest? We have great examples of every one of the ideas listed above – just ask and we’d be happy to share.

Need something else? The list above is merely a jumping-off point. There are many, many other purposes that a well-made video can serve, and we’re always up for the challenge to find a creative solution for you!