4 Important Reasons You Need a Video Communication Strategy

In this day and age, it’s common knowledge that having a well-made, compelling video is integral to any successful marketing and sales strategy.

And while the seemingly-obvious purpose is to educate and entertain your prospects about your value prop, there are many other roles that a smart video communication strategy fulfills, many of which are actually aimed primarily at your internal team.

Here are 4 key ways videos serve as a crucial tool in your sales and marketing strategy:

  1. Motivate and inspire the team When you create a message that’s compelling and nails your value prop, your team should be the first to see it, well-ahead of any prospects. Why? Because it helps re-establish and re-invigorate their purpose, energy and pride in your company and products, and that alone helps create forward momentum.

  2. Internal education A well-done video message doubles as an education piece for the sales and marketing team to ensure that they’re communicating a consistent message that aligns across the company. Your teams should be very familiar with your video assets because that will significantly improve their product knowledge and ability to sell.

  3. Provide a good reason to follow-up Each new asset serves as a fantastic reason for the sales team to follow up with prospects and give them new things to look at that will ultimately help move the sales cycle further along. Have they seen your newest video about your latest service offering that will help them solve x problem? What about your holiday video? Or you new video that explains how to best utilize your services? Anyone who has experience in sales knows that they often need any reason to follow up with their prospects and having fresh assets gives them a legitimate excuse to get in touch!

  4. Improves the prospect experience Often we can get so caught up in trying to communicate and sell our value prop that we forget to consider how the prospect on the other end experiences your sales process and receives your message. Phone calls can be forgotten, emails can be misinterpreted, other collateral like websites or PDFs can feel fragmented or simply aren’t read at all. A compelling video delivered to the right audience that communicates a clear message in a simple, understandable way tends to provide a better experience for the prospect.

Just to be clear, these aren’t “nice to have” things, they’re a must-have strategy. And as much as I wish I could say one will do it, it won’t.

Every company needs to have a consistent flow of strong communication assets that utilize video in a strategic way that supports both marketing and sales to accomplish their objectives.

Here’s a client page that accomplishes 1 through 4 above www.myemployees.info

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By Robert Cornish