Target your marketing efforts, or else you’ll miss the mark entirely.

Despite what you might have been told before, having a video in your marketing tool kit is not guaranteed to help you get more leads or close sales. Not even close.

More often than not, marketing and sales find themselves so focused on the assets themselves that they miss the entire art of harnessing them correctly. In reality, the purpose of creating any tool, such as videos, EPKs, ads, etc., is to enlighten the right person and encourage further steps in the business development cycle. It’s not just to throw them at anyone who is willing to look.

Very simply, you want to elicit a response from those specific companies and people that have the highest probability of becoming clients.Some people call those right people the target audience, viewers, or prospects. Here at Richter we call them your “Target Public.”

Our philosophy is that when you focus your efforts on enlightening the correct target public, your company can attain rapid growth in a given area.

Whether you sell sneakers or software systems for billion dollar companies, it’s important to understand that there is a person behind every single one of those purchases saying, “Yes I want this!”

It’s not just a numbers game of bombarding prospects with your marketing materials. You are trying to get real people to buy your products. So delivering the right messages to the wrong people is as costly as it is wasteful.

That’s why we’ve built an incredible team of researchers and writers who can communicate a message in a way that focuses on creating the right message that speaks to right people with the right aesthetics, and specifically targets their actual needs and wants.