The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business

I’m constantly amazed at the number of websites I visit that don’t have a short, effective video prominently positioned on their homepage. This is especially true for B2B companies, whose value proposition may not be as easy to understand as Doritos or Nike. Asking people to take even two minutes to read your website copy and wrap their heads around what you do, and more importantly, what you can do for them, is asking too much in this age of information overload.

A well-done video explains exactly what your ideal prospects want to hear. It articulates the problems they’re facing in a way that is very real to them, and then explains how you can solve that problem, in just enough detail to grab and keep their attention. An effective video is ALL ABOUT your audience. It doesn’t go on and on about how fantastic your company is and how many awards you win every year. It talks about the professional challenges your customers are facing and why the product or service you’re offering is the ideal solution to handle them.

An effective video addresses all of this in language that’s succinct, straightforward and easy to understand. It doesn’t try to sell anybody anything. It’s helpful information geared toward a specific audience. It’s there to enlighten them, not manipulate or beat them into submission. Today’s audience expects detailed, specific, personalized information and customized solutions for the exact problems they’re facing.

Businesses spend massive amounts of time, energy and money driving traffic to their home page, landing page, microsite or social media content. Once that’s achieved, the best way to communicate what you have to offer is a short video that speaks to their needs and lets them know they’ve come to the right place to get the help they’re searching for. We’ve delivered exactly that over 4000 times for more than a thousand happy clients. We’d love to do the same for you.