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Richter creates compelling content to modernize Dell's cloud services messaging, then successfully launches an ad campaign using this content.


Dell came to Richter with a simple problem; they provide industry-leading cloud data protection services, but they needed to present these services in a compelling, modern way. Naturally, the best way to do that was with Richter video.

In addition, the intention was to use the media created in a managed ad campaign, as a pilot for a potential larger-scale advertising effort in the future. Dell was looking for expert recommendations as to where and how best to place and run the ads for maximum viewership and audience penetration.


First, the Richter team got to work. Lead copywriter Greg Ward created a truly compelling narrative about Dell's "Proven and Modern Cloud Data Protection," which was then handed to animator Cameron Hoffman.  Cameron's work was truly inspired, and the team at Dell could not have been more thrilled with the end result (see above).

Next, our ad management team kicked into overdrive. Consulting Dell team members through placement strategy, ad creation and keyword management, and ad spend budgeting, an ad was quickly rolled out over social media. The video was also placed on Dell's internal website, for viewing by Dell employees the world over.


At the time of writing, the video has received over 200,000 views and counting over social media. The response has been incredibly positive and as the campaign continues to evolve, our team is able to further refine the spend strategy to give Dell a greater reach for their investment.

Internally, the result has been nothing less that spectacular. In less than 2 months, the Cloud Services video produced by Richter has more than twice the views of any other video on the site. In other words, the people at Dell are responding to content that is fresh, modern and compelling - exactly what was requested in the first place.

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