Sales, training, or any other business process - perfected.


Campaign is a series of coordinated videos that walk the viewer through any process, step-by-step.

The result is total understanding of your message, no matter how complex.

Whether that be for selling a product or service, training internal people on a given process or integrating a newly acquired company, the campaign strategy is an incredibly effective way to attain an exact outcome. 

A few of our clients

Case Study: Helping Citrix Close More Leads


Help the sales team at Citrix close a higher percentage of their leads, through a coordinated and effective campaign of videos.


Citrix Campaign


When we met with the team at Citrix, one of the core problems was that the marketing team was bringing in leads but they were not fully coordinated or connected with the sales team after the leads were handed over and the sales team didn’t have a consistent model for following up and following through on each one. This meant that only a fraction of the leads coming from marketing were properly handled to result in closed business. 


We decided to create a external video campaign for the sales team to help solve this problem. We started by mapping the sales journey from start to finish from the initial lead to a closed sale. From there we dissected the process to create 12 sequential videos that followed their sales process and that arm the sales team with everything they needed at every step of the sales journey. Once the videos were complete we created email templates for the sales team to use along with the videos. 

Citrix took the videos and deployed them two ways, 1) they dripped them out with their internal automated tool to their past leads in sequence to bring those deals back to life and 2) they oriented the sales team on the use of the campaign and got them to use these videos at each stage of the sales process to help nurture each cycle and move the sales cycle from one step to the next. 

The outcome was that the sales efforts for Netscaler were better organized making sales more likely and improving the overall close percent on the leads being delivered. The team had everything they needed to communicate the product at every stage of the sales cycle making their sales cycles more efficient, ensuring the right follow-up was happening at the right stage and improving the overall customer experience.


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