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Work Schedule

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Work ScheduleThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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While we have been lenient to date as it relates to our work schedule, we are now putting in a standard working schedule. Performance based on statistics is still the ultimate gauge of whether one is doing work or not and we judge one by their performance as measured by statistics. However, we must keep a tight schedule and ensure our people arrive on time and work a full day in order to get the products desired.

Days can easily get gobbled up by interruptions, distractions, being late, and so on, each of which reduces our time to perform. Additionally, someone coming late or leaving early can also mis-align our schedules so an executive or other personnel in the company must adapt their schedule to that person and either wait, delay or do double work to catch that person up on what has already been told to others.

Our new work schedule is as follows:

9AM to 6:00PM Monday through Friday

1 Hour lunch Monday through Friday

Anything that falls outside of this schedule must be approved through the senior in the area or executive over the area. This will help to coordinate our team and make sure we are all here working together at the same time. 

If you are going to be late or have to leave early for any reason, please get it approved prior or send a note to the senior or executive in charge over the area with a proposed time that you will make up the lost time.