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WelcomeThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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Welcome to Richter10.2 Media Group! While the term “unique” is used all too frequently, this company truly is. Using our proprietary methods of creating communication on behalf of our clients, every day we deliver results that are not seen elsewhere in any industry.

The reason for this is the very first thing you should know walking through our doors: our product is communication. The entire founding principle of Richter and the sole focus of all that we do is to facilitate communication between our client and the exact person with whom they need to speak to generate business.

This is true no matter the service we’re delivering, no matter the position you hold in our organization and no matter the task at hand.

This introduction is your official “welcome aboard” here at Richter10.2. We are a unique agency with proprietary, hard-won methods for getting clients into real communication with their target audience. Through our efforts we create real, lasting relationships and a flourishing business for every client.

Our staff are able, capable people who know and apply the Richter technology and get consistent results with it, day in and day out.