The Video Value Proposition

The Video Value Proposition

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The Video Value PropositionThe Richter Sales Orientation
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When selling or creating a video, it's made up of three things: copy, voice and visuals. As a salesperson talking about Richter's video production, you should know the value proposition of each of these elements:


Richter script writing is NOT just writing “nice copy”. It is NOT “catchy slogans” or “buzzwords”. It's not forceful. It's not weighed down with complexity or lost in the importance of the subject it is addressing. It is never advertising.

Very specifically, we can take any topic, no matter how technical, dry, or unusual it may appear at first glance and communicate it concisely and clearly, in a conversational manner. This approach is built on the agreement people have to being spoken to the way they speak themselves. It creates a sincere, helpful communication that really gets through because people like to receive it.

Whether read as a voiceover or appearing as text on screen, a script written the Richter way is the foundation to a video that doesn’t just look nice, but gets results by bringing people into actual communication.


The same philosophy applies to how a script is read. Again, the keyword is “conversational”, because it conveys a message delivered exactly how the intended audience would like to hear it. Of course the delivery is professional, the recording excellent and the talent top-notch, but the intent behind the message is to relay it in conversational terms that create actual understanding in the viewing audience.

People no longer want to be advertised to or “sold” on anything. They want a sincere, helpful communication that speaks directly to their needs and wants. Our voiceovers are designed specifically to ensure that the viewer doesn’t dismiss it as an advertisement or sales pitch, but rather engages fully with it because they know it contains information they will find helpful and informative, information tailor made for them.


They key elements of Richter video visuals? Simplicity and precision - a clean and uncluttered representation of what’s being said.

The ideal is to show everything necessary beautifully and clearly, but also for nothing to be shown that doesn’t need to be. Most Richter videos are used online and are therefore being viewed on smaller screens on mobile devices or on video players the size of youtube or Because of this it's especially important to keep the visuals simple and engaging. It's much better to be extremely creative in showing one visual element that truly supports what the voiceover is saying, for instance, rather than clutter the screen with so much information that the audience becomes overwhelmed or confused or distracted.


Given what Richter brings to the table above, you can see that by using the right style or combination of styles of video that there is no company we cannot cater to and no situation where a video is needed that we can’t answer the call and give a prospect an incredible experience.

Need an animated video? Richter will do it like no one else.

Need a live shoot video that shows the CEO drawing custom animations on a whiteboard? No problem.

Want to show a perfectly to scale, hi-resolution 3D animation of a new product for a capital investment meeting? Richter is your best choice.

Know the value propositions, know the types of video and use them as tools in your belt to deliver exactly what is needed and wanted by your sales prospect every time.