The Organizing Board

The Organizing Board

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The Organizing BoardThe Richter Basic Employee Course
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In most companies and organizations, you will find a chart showing the organizational structure of that group. The format and usability of these charts is as varied as the groups employing them, but at best they represent a cornerstone and stable reference point for all those operating within them, and so it is at Richter.

The chart we use was created using the materials and guidance of Hubbard Management Technology and is called “The Organizing Board” or “Org Board” for short.

Richter’s Org Board is unique in that it does not only list the various positions in our company, but also represents the exact thing each should be producing, as well as how things such as people, clients and communication should flow between them. It is a graphical representation of our living, working company.

The Richter Org Board will be posted in large format on the wall at all Richter offices, or available for review in digital format for anyone working independently. All employees should be very familiar with it and know exactly where they sit on it and how their job relates to the rest of the organization.